The Spiritual Ecology Youth Fellowship Program

The Spiritual Ecology Youth Fellowship is a project of Kalliopeia Foundation, developed to support its mission to create a future where universal spiritual values form the foundation of how we care for our common home. 

We are looking for individuals who have the potential to be catalysts for change and recognize the need to create a future that is not driven by materialism and greed, but rooted in the spiritual values of interconnectedness, service, stewardship, and reverence for nature. The Spiritual Ecology Youth Fellowship encourages emerging young leaders, ages 22-30, based in the United States and Canada to apply. The program is designed to offer an experience of deep study, reflection, and practical development and will incorporate the principles of Spiritual Ecology. A central component of the program will be the exploration of how these foundational values can be implemented into projects that can create lasting change.

We are looking for participants from diverse fields and backgrounds including, but not limited to the following: environmentalists, craftspeople, farmers, chefs and food producers, designers, web developers, architects, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, journalists, social workers, civil servants, artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers. The program is open to people from all faith backgrounds as well as people without any direct religious or spiritual affiliations.

The Fellowship follows a 9-month program and will consist of ten selected participants, all of whom will receive full scholarships for program tuition. All travel, food, and lodging for retreats and field visits will be provided at no cost. Please also see Frequently Asked Questions.


Youth Fellow Projects and Initiatives
During the course of the fellowship, participants will be required to develop a project or initiative idea as an example of how their learning can be applied in practice. At the end of the program, those participants interested in submitting a formal proposal of their final projects for seed funding will be given the opportunity to do so. Attendance to all the following sessions is required.

Summer — The Principles of Spiritual Ecology
July 20 - July 27, 2016: An 8-day retreat in rural Whidbey Island, Washington, including the following:

  • Workshops and classes with teachers and mentors exploring the principles of spiritual ecology
  • Post-retreat online mentorship, which includes assistance with the development of projects and initiatives

Fall — Social and Environmental Regeneration
October 1 - 12, 2016: An in-depth, 12-day visit with a leading practitioner in the field

  • Post-field visit online mentorship along with continued assistance with development of projects and initiatives

Winter — Tools for Practical Implementation
January 7 - 15, 2017: A 9-day retreat in Northern California, which will focus on the following:

  • Skill building workshops with teachers and mentors
  • Field visits and learning opportunities with local projects and organizations
  • Development and support for project ideas and initiatives with mentors and teachers
  • Post-retreat online mentorship and final project development for spring presentation

Spring — Closing Retreat
April 20 - 24, 2017: A 5-day retreat in Northern California for a final group gathering, which will include project presentations.